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Double Tap: Zombie Apocalypse

Our flagship Zombie VR experience. Two team based experiences played back to back. 2- 8 Players

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Can you prevent humanities worst disaster? A team based escape room set in the horrors of Chernobyl during the nuclear meltdown. 2 - 6 Players

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Sci Fi Escape room for up 2 - 4 players. Your team must investigate a lost spaceship but all is not what it seems.

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VR Arcade

The classic VR arcade experience where our arcade system puts you in charge of the game. Freely pick and choose from a selective premium of 20 VR games and experiences during your 50 minutes of game time. 1 - 8 Players

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Formula 1

Competitive racing around the Monza race track for 2 to 4 players. Each booking includes a practice round, qualifying round and then a head to head race between all players. Available in either VR or on large screen TV's. Game time approx 30 mins

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Escape The Lost Pyramid

Escape adventure game for 4 players. Sent to investigate a missing expedition, you must escape a puzzle and trap filled pyramid before the clock runs out

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Family Quest

A family fun adventure that gets kids and adults playing together. 25 minutes are dedicated to a team multiplayer experience as a buccaneering pirate crew. Additional time is open for a choice of games. Total game time 50 minutes. 2 - 8 Players

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Beyond Medusa's Gate


Party Bookings

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Corporate Groups

Explore our options for team building in VR

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